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Last modified: 12 January 2013

Using Public Relations

Communications Campaign Case Study

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Public relations, or working with the media, can help you and your organisation to improve communication with the groups you want to reach.

What is Public Relations?

According to the Institute of Public Relations public relations is about reputation. The results of what you do; what you say and what others say about you.

The practice of PR is defined as the discipline that looks after reputation with the aim of earning understanding and support and influencing opinion and behaviour. It is a planned and sustained effort to maintain good will and mutual understanding between an organisation and its public.

How you can use Public Relations

By working with the media through public relations, you can inform the public and influence decision making. Public relations is an important tool to help you:

  • Raise awareness of myeloma
  • Provide information on myeloma and the latest treatments to patients and their families
  • Raise awareness of your organisation and what it does
  • It can build support for an idea or opinion, by communicating your ideas to the public
  • It can directly influence policy or decision making of Government and the regulators
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Myeloma Euronet works on a number of public relations activities to achieve the following objectives:

  • to provide information about multiple myeloma to the general public and certain target groups (patients and their families and friends, patient groups, doctors and health workers in this area)
  • to improve the level of knowledge on this disease
  • to improve understanding for the concerns of those affected
  • to encourage those affected and their families to actively seek the best possible methods of diagnosis and treatment and to promote intensive further research into this disease and in this spirit to exert an influence on opinion leaders and decision makers

There are several ways of conducting public relations:

  • Running a Public Relations Campaign to highlight and draw attention to a particular issue
  • Writing press releases to convey newsworthy information to the media audiences you want to reach
  • Being interviewed by the media about the work you are doing, your views or to highlight an event you are holding

To find out how you can get the most out of public relations, and to get a few pointers as to how to run an effective public relations campaign and how to communicate effectively with journalists click here. For information on how to write a press release, click here.

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