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Last modified: 12 January 2013

Personal Stories: Audio Interviews

Johan Creemers

Interview in German

Johan Creemers, multiple myeloma survivor and Board Member of CMP Flanders vzw, Genk, Belgium

"In October 1997, I was diagnosed as having multiple myeloma. At that time there was no active MM self-help group in Belgium. I am convinced that well informed patients have better chances of survival and, as a result, I founded the CMP Group Flanders for patients, relatives and interested parties. Health-wise, I feel good. Hopefully things will stay that way for a long time!"

Marcus Rosendahl


Marcus Rosendahl, blood cancer survivor and Project Leader of the Skapa Krafts (Creating Strength) Project of the Swedish Blood Cancer Federation (Blodcancerförbundet), Falkenberg, Sweden

"I am 33 years old and live in Falkenberg in the south of Sweden. I had non-Hodgkins lymphoma when I was 15 years old and had a bone marrow transplant in the year 2000. Today I am healthy. I work as a project leader of Skapa Kraft, a psychosocial support network within Blodcancerförbundet. My interests are circus, tennis and cooking. I got married in 2003, my wife is called Karolina."

Anita Waldmann

Interview in German

Anita Waldmann, cancer advocate, Chairwoman and President of the Deutsche Leukämie- und Lymphomhilfe and of the Leukämie-Hilfe RHEIN-MAIN, Rüsselsheim, Germany

"In 1992, I lost one of my sons - he died of acute lymphatic leukaemia. I lost a son but gained many grown-up children. Instead of falling into depression over the death of my son, the involvement with patients and relatives gave me a renewed 'meaning to life'. Together, people are so much stronger."