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Last modified: 18 December 2013

Clinical studies/research

Initially, many new forms of therapy have to be subjected to a thorough examination in order to achieve progress in treatment. The therapy is tested in clinical studies. In clinical studies, the reliability of the treatment is greater than outside of studies. This is due not least to the intensive exchange of information and experience between the doctors and scientists involved within a study group.

Many patients are asked by their doctor whether they are willing to take part in a study. We would like to encourage you to do so. You can also actively inquire about an ongoing study suitable for you.

It is only through the willingness to take part in studies that clinical progress is possible. For you, treatment within the scope of a study means very good monitoring of your therapy, as well as an additional chance of being cured through new developments.

  • To download basic information about clinical trials, click here.
  • Frequently asked questions about clinical trials can be downloaded here.
  • A glossary of clinical trials terms can be downloaded here.

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