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Myelom-Gruppe Rhein-Main
vertreten durch die Leukämiehilfe RHEIN-MAIN e.V.

c/o Anita Waldmann
Falltorweg 6
65428 Rüsselsheim

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Myeloma Euronet invites other organizations to refer to the Myeloma Euronet website in their own website, and to create hyperlinks as appropriate.

You may view the content of this site for your personal, non-commercial use only. The content of this site is protected by worldwide copyright laws. You may download or copy content only for your personal use for non-commercial purposes but no modification or further reproduction of the content is permitted. Unauthorised use of the content may violate copyright, trademark and other laws.

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The authors of the website are not trained medical professionals. However the medical content of this website is regularly checked for correctness by the members of the Myeloma Euronet Medical Advisory Board. The information provided on this website may differ slightly according to the language version to allow for cultural differences. Although every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, currency and completeness of the information given on this website, Myeloma Euronet and its advisers shall not be liable for any damages or injury resulting from your access to, or inability to access, this web site, or from your reliance on any information provided on this website. The statements, omissions, and opinions of all professionals and contributors to the information given on this website are not intended to replace the advice or treatment from health care professionals. We do not practice medical or psychological care on this website and urge all readers and participants to seek medical and psychological advice and care from their own providers.

This website may provide links or references to third-party websites. This service is provided as a convenience to the users of this website and does not imply any kind of endorsement by Myeloma Euronet as far as the content or quality of third-party websites is concerned. Whatever links this website includes to other sites on the World Wide Web, Myeloma Euronet accepts no liability for any damages or injury arising from the content or quality of any of those sites. Myeloma Euronet also does not accept any liability with regard to the content of any website on the World Wide Web that links to this website.

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Data Protection Notice

We are pleased to have received your visit to our website and thank you for your interest in our organisation and the information we have provided.  The protection of person-related data when recording, processing and using this data on the occasion of your visit to our website is of the utmost concern to us.  In the following, we explain which information we record during your visit to our website and how said information is used.

The automatic recording of non-person-related data

Every time access is made to a page on the Myeloma Euronet website and every time a file is viewed, so-called log files are stored recording these occurrences.  The data thus stored serves exclusively for statistical purposes pertaining to the internal system.  In detail, the following data-set is stored on every access to the site:

  • Name of the file accessed
  • Date and time of accessing
  • Volume of data accessed
  • Report as to whether the access was successful
  • Type of web browser and operating system used
  • the accessing domain and referrer (URL of the page from which you made connection with our website)
  • IP address.

These data could possibly be used for identification but, in fact, no use is made of any person-related data.  This enables the data to be evaluated for statistical purposes, whereby the anonymity of the user, however, remains guaranteed.

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Person-related data

Person-related data, such as your name, address or telephone number, are only recorded if you volunteer this information to us when sending us an e-mail, filling in forms, answering a questionnaire, or responding to a request for information or material, etc.

For technical reasons and for the further development of means for combating spam, all information that you voluntarily transmit to us by completing forms (e.g. when requesting information regarding events, when filling out the feedback form, etc.) is recorded.  In the case of a misuse of our offer, attacks or publications with illegal content matter, the data transmitted is passed on by order of the court.

Should you wish to receive regular information about Myeloma Euronet through our press release mailing list, we need from you a valid e-mail address as well as information which enables us to ascertain that you are the owner of said e-mail address and/or that the owner of the e-mail address is in agreement with receiving such information.  At any time, you are entitled to withdraw your consent to the recording of your e-mail address or the use of same for the purpose of sending information.

Information transmitted to us via answer forms or e-mails, respectively, is additionally stored on a local PC (in order to enable us to document the communication and response more promptly to questions, etc.). On written request, we erase also this information / these e-mails immediately.  

Your person-related data is neither sold nor passed on to third parties without your prior consent.

Person-related data is erased

  • if you so request this in writing,
  • if it is no longer necessary to store such data for the intended purpose or
  • the storage of said data is otherwise impermissible for legal reasons.
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The right to view information stored

On written request, we are pleased to supply you with information as to which data we have stored relating to you personally.


In presenting this internet offer, Java Script is used. In the event that you do not wish to make use of this tool and/or its active content, we recommend that you deactivate the pertinent settings of your browser.


On some of the pages of our website, co-called Cookies are used. Cookies are text files that can be sent to your computer by a web server so that the computer can be identified during your visit.  The default settings of most browsers automatically accept cookies. However you can set your browser so that it will inform you when cookies are sent or you can deactivate the storing of cookies. 
If you leave our site via a link to another site, it may happen that cookies are also sent by the addressee of the selected site.  We are not legally responsible for these cookies.  For information on the use of such cookies and the information stored thereon by the providers of other sites, please refer to their respective declarations regarding data protection.

Security Notice

By applying all necessary technical and organisational security measures we endeavour to store your person-related data in such a manner that they are accessible neither to third parties nor to the general public.  Should you wish to contact us via e-mail, we draw your attention to the fact that the confidentiality of information transmitted by this mode of communication cannot be fully guaranteed. Hence we recommend you to send us confidential information exclusively by post.

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If you send us questions that are similar to other questions that we have already received, we may decide to use such information to improve our website and to add the questions, in anonymous, form under “Frequently Asked Questions”.  
The originator of all and any information communicated on this website or the owner of same is responsible for the truthfulness and correctness of said information.

How to Contact Us

Write to the following address, also if you have other questions relating to the processing of your personal data:

Myelom-Gruppe Rhein-Main
vertreten durch die Leukämiehilfe RHEIN-MAIN e.V.

c/o Anita Waldmann
Falltorweg 6
65428 Rüsselsheim



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